Academic Partnership Benefits with Birla Brainiacs

Before we delve deep into the Academic Partnership Benefits. Let us first understand what Birla Brainiacs is all about. Birla Brainiacs uses its resources to improve education through a collaborative learning platform for children from nursery to 8th grade. They believe in supporting school development through a collaborative approach rather than a pathological approach. They also help explore ‘knowledge’ through both a theoretical and practical stance. Apart from that, they also continually examine and adjust the relationship between schools, teachers, students and ourselves as supporters to facilitate interaction and construct knowledge together.

What do the Birla Brainiacs Academic Partnership Benefits offer?

The Birla Brainiacs Academic Partnership offers a teaching & learning environment where students take control over ‘what’ to learn and ‘how’ to learn. They also prepare teachers to help them on this voyage.

The endeavour of this partnership is to offer great opportunities for children to learn new information and skills, as well as harness their own unique qualities and interests at their own pace. 

Committed to meeting the needs of 21st-century learners and helping them thrive through a variety of educational experiences, the Birla Brainiacs Academic Partnership help them build upon the 4 Cs (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication), which is the cornerstone to becoming a successful learner.

Birla Brainiacs believe that students need to collaborate and experientially learn and not be dependent only on a pretend understanding of concepts, which brings in the collaboration with BOMIS which has 100+ schools across India and its many amenities; the most important being a strong support system in the form of interactive content and teacher support.

Here are some Birla Brainiacs Academic Partnership Benefits:

  • Avail our Curated Curriculum: Rather than using a comprehensive and balanced acquisitions procedure, curriculum curation is a tightly targeted selection process to meet the knowledge and/or cognitive goals of instruction in service of student learning.  Rather than generalized pointers to resources, curation will identify a specific section or element within each resource. Therefore, curriculum curation requires co-planning with faculty and using professional discernment, adding value to the chosen resources. 
  • Integrate seamlessly with our LMS Platform: Fully Tech-enabled Schools: In simple words, LMS integration is the compatibility of your learning management system with the business applications you are already using. It allows you to move data between systems to automate tasks and gain access to integrated reporting. Real-Time Operations Tracking & support, Software, course, documentation, tracking, education, e-learning, etc, you name it we have it!
  • Teacher Training: Regular school visits by school support officers to work closely with teachers in collaborative lesson preparation meetings and provide various kinds of services (e.g., talks, seminars, workshops, classes and sharing) to facilitate teaching and instigate new initiatives.
  • Workshops for students and teachers: Students & Teachers will feel motivated to research and learn new things. With proper guidance from experts, students & teachers feel motivated to publish their own research journals, contributing significantly to the education sector.
  • Vocational Skill Training: Vocational education and training, allows students to gain practical experience in their chosen career path before they even graduate.” Students who finish those rigorous programs have the credentials and training they need to get started right away in their chosen career path.
  • Gain Intensive on-site school support: The Intensive on-site school support system is designed to provide intensive educational programming to students & teachers with significant learning or teaching needs.
  • Be a part of elite Learning communities: The cross-school professional sharing aims at enhancing teachers’ professionalism and leadership.

Why choose Birla Brainiacs as your Academic Partnership?

Now that we have a clear understanding of the Birla Brainiacs Academic Partnership Benefits it is important to understand why your school should choose them as your academic partner. Birla Brainiacs, aim at educating children even in remote areas and supporting young talent to pursue their dreams. They do not believe in the traditional schooling system and mainly believe in upgrading with time and technology. Birla Brainiacs believes that learning, playing and extracurricular activities go hand in hand, and it is really important to strike a balance between them. You can download the app to know more and for further information, you can reach out to us. Enroll with us to give your child the greatest possible educational experience!