Best Homeschooling in Bangalore: Don’t miss out!

As the universe has developed, modern education has expanded substantially and evolved as a combination of traditional and modern methods. One of the most essential aspects of modern education is homeschooling, which consists of educating children at home rather than sending them to a conventional public or private school. Homeschooling is a progressive movement rapidly spreading around the globe.

Imagine giving your child the liberty to learn at his own pace, creating a curriculum and schedule that are tailored to his needs and interests, and abandoning the traditional method in favour of a more hands-on approach to education. That’s the magic of homeschooling!

Why you should choose to homeschool?

Homeschooling is becoming more popular as a form of instruction in India, particularly in bigger cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune. The child’s interests are the primary force for homeschooling in Bangalore. By homeschooling, you put your child’s education first. When you personalize instruction, a child will succeed and overcome challenges. A child will achieve academically, emotionally, and spiritually as a result of the attention, they will receive through homeschooling because they are the focus of attention every day. A state-approved curriculum can be used at home, and parents can provide their children with the individualized education that is sometimes lacking in today’s public schools.

Homeschooling in Bangalore

Bangalore has a history of being open to new concepts and practices, and this new culture of homeschooling has been no exception. Homeschooling in Bangalore is gaining popularity and quickly replacing traditional schooling for many parents, notably in the wake of the pandemic, when schools closed and social isolation became the norm. People no longer hesitate to learn online the way they did before the pandemic because they now understand how much they can learn there, which will benefit them in the long run.

Why is homeschooling in Bangalore becoming popular?

No matter the geographic, political, or physiological difficulties that the world presents, homeschooling in Bangalore or anywhere else makes education available to everyone.

The state board of Karnataka promotes the education of students who do not attend traditional educational institutions. Additionally, it goes the extra to make some special provisions for them. Parents, nowadays, are increasingly searching for ways to promote their children’s general development. This is evident from the rise in the proportion of homeschooled kids in Bangalore. Homeschooled kids have more time for sports and other extracurricular activities. They do have a schedule at home, but it is not rigid. The amount of time they devote to studying may be flexible. They have plenty of time to pursue interests they might otherwise be unable to do due to school obligations. Parents can also add extra lessons to the curriculum for their kids. And they can devote as much or as little time to each subject as is necessary to make sure their kids are learning the information and are assured they have mastered the course lessons. It also results in fewer harmful influences. When parents want to homeschool, they also opt for more tranquillity and security. It offers the most secure and nurturing environment for a child to flourish.

How to get started with the process of Homeschooling in Bangalore?

It is quite simple to start homeschooling. The only thing that requires research is finding out what local state rules apply to the board and examination centre that would certify your child’s schooling.

The application procedure for homeschooling in India is described below:

  • Identify and contact the institution that accepts private applicants for admission. The institution must be a member of an open learning board and permit students the freedom to pursue their education in their own homes.
  • The next step is to find a curriculum and a syllabus that best suits your child’s interests. You can modify your curriculum to meet your child’s individual needs or use the availability of online resources to have a pre-made homeschooling curriculum created for you.
  • The third step is to determine whether you will teach personally or hire a private tutor.
  • Exams are the final phase. Homeschooling is authorized in Bangalore, and students can take the NIOS and IGCSE exams to receive certification from an approved board. Students can enroll in higher studies at universities after passing these tests.

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