Best Learning Platform for Children of NRI Parents

Best learning platform? Parents always want the best for their children, especially when it comes to their education. Find out what makes a learning platform the best. Keep reading!

Have work and career forced you to move abroad? Is the move affecting your child’s education? Thankfully, many online learning platforms today will ensure your child does not miss out on precious learning years. 

Ever since the pandemic broke out, the actual moved to an online mode. The education system took the biggest hit, forcing students to adapt to the change. Eventually, they learned the art of online education. Parents seek the best learning platforms for their children, especially those who have had to make the big move from India to abroad. 

Which is the best learning platform for children for NRI parents?

Birla Brainiacs is the perfect balance between guided learning and self-study. It is a learning platform with an app for children worldwide from nursery to grade 12. The fun educational content provided by the platform will engage and stimulate learning. Birla Brainiacs has an adaptive curriculum that hones critical thinking skills, reasoning skills, and memory. It fosters learning even outside of the classroom. Different practice tests, instructional videos, and a personalised learning dashboard will ensure optimal learning.

Reasons to choose Birla Brainiacs:

  • Daily online live classes

Birla Brainiacs regularly offers regular live sessions where students can interact with subject matter experts and experience collaborative learning with peers. These live classes facilitate learning. Students can clear their doubts, get assistance on homework, and prepare better for assessments. 

  • Collaborative learning

Children learn better in smaller groups. Live sessions conducted by professional educators provide special attention and guidance to each child, so they have ample time to learn, ask questions, and clear doubts. Collaborative learning ensures children have a clear and solid understanding of concepts. 

  • Convenience & safety

Following the pandemic, the best precautionary measure is to maintain physical distance. There are no chances of infections in virtual classes like those conducted by the best learning platform, Birla Brainiacs. All your child will need for learning is a device like a laptop and a stable internet connection. Across any time zone, trust the guidance provided by Birla Brainiacs.

  • Progress report & analysis

Birla Brainiacs, the best learning platform, contains hyper-personalised content driven by learning analytics. Various activities, exciting quizzes, and practice tests give students, teachers, and parents continuous feedback. Students also receive a detailed analysis of their performance. Such necessary intervention allows them to progress better. The reports are accessible to parents to be informed about their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Adaptive curriculum

There are three key learning styles – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Birla Brainiacs, the best learning platform, provides an adaptive curriculum that caters to all types of learners, making the learning experience enjoyable and fruitful. 

Birla Brainiacs is a leading online learning platform with a program targeted at holistic learning. It is the best learning platform for children of NRI parents who are worried about their child’s education.