Why Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is when your home becomes the centre of education. A Student learns at his/her own pace under their parents’ guidance. The Parents accept full responsibility for their child’s education.

Our Vision

Holistic learning with focus on student engagement and knowledge building that caters to student’s individual needs while making learning fun.

Our Mission

Effortless learning anywhere, anytime under the guidance of expert mentors.

Our Motto

Education For the Future Learner.

Are you thinking about homeschooling but:

  • Aren’t sure it’s for you?
  • Don’t know where to start?
  • Feel you need help with the entire process?

You are at the right place if these questions keep you up at night!

Birla Brainiacs has created a tailor-made program just for you.

Birla Brainiacs’ Homeschooling

Birla Brainiacs along with Birla Open Minds International School is here to lessen the burden of homeschooling educators through their new homeschooling program.

We understand that a parent can’t be an expert in all subjects. We will provide high standard education at the comfort of their home where students not only learn without stress but also get enough personal time to pursue other interests.

Curriculum Options for Homeschoolers



What We Offer

International Education at a Reasonable Cost

Customised Learning Material

Live Classes / Interaction with Teachers

Co-curricular Activities Included (Music, Dance, Drama, Yoga)
Evaluation Feedback from Teachers

Learn At Your Own Pace

Catering to All 3 Learning Styles

Kinesthetic Learner

Auditory learner

Visual Learner 

Why Choose Birla Brainiacs Homeschooling?

Affordable Education
Time for Extracurricular Activities
Interactive Forum between Learners, Teachers & Parents
Quality Education at the Comfort of your Home

Key Offering

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Our Facilities

  • Learning Kit* (Videos + PPT + Content Sheets + Worksheets + Books (e-books)
  • Lab Kit for Experiments at Home (Monthly)
  • E-library
  • Free Audio Books
  • Online Board Games 
  • Coding Sessions (Self learning sessions)
  • Olympiad Examinations (Optional)
  • Inter School Competitions (Optional)
  • Trimester Wise Online Culmination to Check Student Learnings.
  • Monthly Online Parent Teacher Interactions
  • Monthly Online Interaction with the School Counsellor (With prior appointment)

*School will provide a book list. Parents can purchase the hard copies of the same from the nearest vendor or through Birla Brainiacs.


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Board Specific Examinations (Mandatory)

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Online Ongoing Formative Assessments

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Board Specific Summative Assessments