Online Homeschool – Parents as Teachers

Lately, a lot of parents are in the middle of switching their kids from traditional schools to enrolling them in homeschooling. In this process, the first typical question that arises in the mind of every parent is ‘Can I be a good teacher for my kids via online homeschool? Can I be a parent and homeschooler both for my kids?’ If you are floating on this boat too then you must read this article till the end! Do you have enough time, resources, and passion to homeschool your kids? Do you want to spend some extra time with your kids? Do you want to be an equal contributor to your child’s academic life? That’s great. Homeschooling refers to educating your children at home and it does not involve going to school. You can homeschool your kids by enrolling them in an online learning institute that provides homeschooling.

Homeschooling allows you to strengthen your kid’s weaknesses, grow a special bond and learn as per your schedule and temperament. Well if you do it right then you can definitely be a good teacher for your children in homeschooling.

Can you be a good teacher for your children via online homeschooling?

These 4 reasons will tell you how you can be a good teacher to your children via online homeschooling:

  1. Create a designated learning space:

Homeschooling can be messy at times but it is fun and exciting. One of the major reasons parents choose homeschooling is because their kids can be educated under their supervision and they get to spend so much additional time together. While homeschooling can be fun and enjoyable, it is necessary for parents to set up a desk that is designated for learning. Living under the same roof as learning can very quickly lead to disorganization. In order to keep the sanity alive, maintain your children’s learning hub only designated to learning which will also help you keep their study materials organized.

This way you and your kids both can avoid confusion. Your kids might end up studying at the dining table or on the balcony but once they are done they will always know that they have to return their study material to their designated learning space. You can also consider posting daily schedules at their hub so they stay reminded of what tasks need to get done every day which will ultimately lead them to work on weekly and monthly goals.

  1. Teach your kids as per their pace and temperament:

 If you want to be a good teacher for your children in homeschooling then you really need to teach your kids as per their pace and temperament. Temperament is a set of inborn traits that organizes how a child approaches the world. These traits appear to be stable from birth. They are enduring attributes and they are never really ‘good’ or ‘bad’. When homeschooling kids, it is really important to understand their pace and temperament.

Educating children as per their speed will help them learn better. You can help children strengthen their weaker fields by spending extra time and effort in that field. Understanding how children respond to certain attributes, helps you educate them better. When you know their learning speed and calibre, you can accordingly plan their schedule and gradually work on weekly and monthly goals.

  1. Collaborate with homeschoolers: 

It is rightly said that you are an average of the five people you spend the most time with. Though you do not have various professors for different subjects and you are the only person in charge of your child’s complete education that does not mean that you are alone in this. As parents, you can interact with homeschoolers and give and take various tips and practices on children in homeschooling.

When you share advice with like-minded people you learn along the way and you can accordingly test out different learning methods. When you try and test out best practices for your kids, you will know what works best for them. Interacting with homeschoolers will not just make the schooling process easier on you, but will also enrich children’s experiences and allow them to expand their educational opportunities.

  1. Take learning beyond the classroom: 

One of the many benefits of homeschooling is the flexibility to learn. The biggest advantage of the flexibility that homeschooling brings breaks the barrier of traditional classroom learning. Look for learning opportunities that go beyond a blackboard and textbooks. Involve playing board games and outdoor games. Introduce them to various activities like baking and cooking.

Along with the studies, make them learn household management skills like laundry. Involve them while you write messages or emails to your friends and family. Include gratitude. Take them along when you go grocery shopping. When you introduce your kids to different activities, they will know that there is a world beyond a computer screen. Making time for these opportunities in your daily schedule along with learning will help children keep an open mind and help explore new skills and meet and interact with new people. Incorporating extracurricular activities will allow your children to gain new experiences and foster a well-rounded curriculum.

Can Birla Brainiacs help you be a good parent while homeschooling your kids?

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