Coding for Kids – An Ultimate Guide for Indian Parents

Coding for kids is something that Indian parents need to take seriously from now on taking into consideration that one of the biggest announcements that the Indian government made in the New Education Policy (2020) is the initiation of classes on coding from classes 6 and above. If you have paid any attention to tech, you have undoubtedly heard the term ‘coding’ dozens of times. In simpler terms, Coding refers to a process of creating instructions for computers to behave the way you want them to with the help of programming languages. Every day, we interact with numerous websites, applications, and other technologies that are programmed by using various codes.

Now you know what Coding means, but how will your kids learn to code?

Coding is rapidly growing in India. When children are given exposure to a variety of fields at an early age, they are able to decide at a young age what they are interested in. And they can actually start to work on their career at a younger age. Learning to code at a young age can truly set up your child for a lifetime of success. Regardless of what field they go into, it gives them an edge in every modern industry virtually.

Even for kids who are lucky enough to receive computer science instructions in the classroom, the level of precision is quite low. To counter this problem, many parents are looking for the best resources to specialize their kids in coding. The predicament that we find ourselves in is not the school’s fault certainly. Coaching and giving computer programming knowledge generally require teachers coming from engineering backgrounds. Enrolling your kids in outside resources will help them learn real software development along with professional tools and programming languages. To conclude, making your kids learn coding at a young age will give them more future opportunities.

 1. Help your kids learn to code

If you have come across the thought of making your kids learn to code, you may want to know how to go about it. It’s trouble-free to get started with coaching your children to learn to code. Even if, as a parent, you don’t come with a coding background, you can very easily make your kids learn to code. Nowadays, courses are structured such that even a 5-year-old can learn and enjoy coding.

2. An hour of coding every day

You must be excited for your kids to learn and adapt to programming languages quickly but don’t overburden them. Start with an hour of coding daily. Start with the basics of coding. One of the easiest ways to get a hang of coding for children is to teach with fun and not as an additional academic subject. You can let kids have fun with the free coding activities available online, that way they can easily get a taste of the basics of programming. These activities help you and your kids to understand the importance of coding.

3. Coding worksheets

Coding worksheets include puzzles, riddles, etc. These worksheets help kids revise what they had learned in the coding class. Make your kids solve one coding worksheet after every lecture. The worksheet can be based on everything that was taught to kids on that day in the coding class. Coding worksheets will help your kids to reinforce the basic concepts of coding learned. These worksheets can be solved at home after classes.

Is it important for your kids to learn to code?

Why should your kids learn to code? Well, there are so many reasons why your kids should learn coding, it is really hard to pick on all of them. One of the most important benefits of your kids learning to code is that they have more opportunities when it comes to career planning. Your kids can be eased at deciding on their career at a very young age. Right from problem-solving, skills, job opportunities, creativity, and critical thinking, there are so many reasons why kids should start to learn code. Just like homeschooling, you can enroll your kids in online classes to teach them how to code.

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