E-Learning Trends in 2022

E-Learning trends have hastened due to the pandemic. The rapid expansion is expected to broaden digital learning opportunities. Online education now has an impact on the educational environment and it will continue to serve students and stakeholders even if the pandemic does not occur again! India has embraced the shift to online education and with the pandemic soon coming to an end, schools are slowly re-opening around the world. But what will remain are some of the E-learning trends that were established due to the pandemic. Here’s a list of the Top 6 E-learning trends in 2022:

1) Mobile Applications

According to statistics, educational apps will be the top category in 2022. It demonstrates the increased demand for mobile applications during the pandemic era. Indeed, it is among the most convenient methods to access high-quality educational content via a smartphone. Over the last five years, the growth of smartphone users has increased dramatically. In 2016, only 22% of mobile users used a smartphone and by 2020, this percentage rose to 54%. It is predicted that learning through educational apps will be a thriving trend in 2022. These educational apps make it possible for students to blossom in a personalized learning environment. These eye-catching features are a
highlight of the best online education platforms. These learning apps provide students with a similar immersive learning experience.

2) Micro-Learning for Better Student Engagement

Micro-learning is an E-learning trend that improves memory by breaking the subject matter down into smaller pieces. It is helpful in this digital age when humans struggle with a short attention span (around eight seconds). Micro-learning filters information in such a way that it significantly shortens the content. It is effective in developing conceptual understanding and simplifying complex information for students. This method works well in a virtual learning environment. Top accredited online learning platforms, such as Birla Brainiacs, use these strategies to engage students while they are learning online. This approach improves students’ understanding and aids in the recovery of learning loss or academic gaps (such as the ones created during the pandemic). Simultaneously, it
alleviates the burden of lengthy topics and complex information pieces. Following the pandemic, this approach is beneficial to students. Most students have had difficulty retaining and recalling concepts learned before the pandemic for the past two years.

3) Interactive Game-based learning

The gamified learning environment has already established itself as a credible solution for student engagement and it is becoming increasingly popular as a result of several advantages. Students learning needs are met in a pleasant learning environment with game-like elements. It also adds a much-needed element of fun to keep the learners engaged. With this approach, even the most complex and mundane topics are interesting and with techniques like scores, rewards, gifts, and so on, students keep coming back for more. Gamification unquestionably boosts students’ motivation to learn. And it is a fantastic approach to improving overall content acquisition.

4) Adaptive & Flexible Educational Technologies

For students with disabilities, assistive technology improves learning opportunities. It contributes to the goals of universal advancement. Additionally, it aids in the retention of students within the mainstream system. It is one of the best E-learning trends for meeting the needs of students with disabilities. They can learn at their own pace because they have the freedom to do so and make use of the appropriate assistance based on their specific needs.

5) Options for Personalised Learning & Pacing

Another significant E-learning trend is to personalize learning at a self-determined pace. Students and schools experience the benefits of personalized learning as more online educational opportunities are available. The year 2022 is student-centric, with a greater emphasis on the learner’s preferences. Personalized learning is an all-in-one solution for closing academic gaps. It gives students the freedom to design their schedules based on their strengths and weaknesses. Students can skip over the subject matter they have mastered to devote more time to topics that they find difficult. Finally, they gain a thorough understanding of the subject. This method also allows students to set their own study pace. Because each student has a unique set of abilities, they learn best by utilizing their preferred learning style. Overall, personalization is a helpful pillar in improving students’ academic foundation.

6) Methods of Technological Evaluation

Traditional assessment modes are replaced by e-learning. With instant feedback, the quality of teaching and learning processes is bound to improve. More advanced systems with lesson-specific tests, puzzles, quizzes, and open-ended questions, among other things, to assess students’ learning. It will help us to better track the student’s progress with these automated and credible assessment mechanisms. Technology assists in identifying even minor learning gaps. And the educators’ human touch makes it easier to track performance. Pioneer virtual platforms in India, such as Birla Brainiacs have established a credible assessment pattern through the use of automated mechanisms. These are then combined with the teacher’s feedback to produce a comprehensive
performance report.

Why choose Birla Brainiacs?
The education sector has experienced significant disruption over the last two years. This period, however, has highlighted the importance of e-Learning like never before! The e-Learning trends will stay, not in 2022, but for the foreseeable future! We, at Birla Brainiacs, do not believe in the traditional schooling system because we aim at educating children even in remote areas with the help of technology to support young talent to pursue their dreams. We believe in upgrading with time and technology. Not only that, but we also promote all three types of learning methods as Kinesthetic, Auditory and Visual. We believe that learning, playing and extracurricular activities go hand in hand, and it is really important to strike a balance between them. Birla Brainiacs is one of the top-notch online learning apps. Check out the homeschooling program and get in touch with us and we’ll arrange a time to give you a call and walk you through the process.