Do I need to buy my own tablet to access the course?

You can opt for a tablet at the time of registration.

Can I use my own tablet?

Yes, you can use your own tablet.

What are the system’s requirements for taking the course?

You'll need a continuous Internet connection (500 kbps) and a web browser (Google, Firefox, etc).

Do I need to give any test to enroll in this course?

No. The course is available to students who want to do away with home tuition and save time and money. However, they are required to attempt a Learning Style Assessment that will help us understand their dominant intelligences along with their preferred learning style. This will also help in customizing the course for a better learning experience.

Will I be able to access the videos after I’ve watched it once?

You can watch the videos as many times as you want.

What are self-assessments?

The student attempts self-assessments either at the beginning or end of each module to help them check their understanding of the subject. It also helps build a custom study plan based on their learning needs.

Will I get to interact with a subject matter expert?

You will get to interact with a Subject Matter Expert every day*. The teacher will be available to guide and solve the queries of the students. At times, the teacher might also discuss answers to any question asked in the video.
*working school days

How can I monitor my progress?

Live progress card is available to both student and parents.

What do I do if I have questions or queries about a topic?

You can drop your question in the Query Box. It is accessible to empanelled teachers and registered students from across India. As part of collaborative learning, the students and teachers will solve your doubts. In fact, you can also solve other student’s query(s) and check your understanding of the topic.

Will classes be held at a specific time?

You may view the course materials at your convenience as it is available 24/7. However, you might be required to meet with the faculty member for live sessions at set times.

What kind of student does well with this course?

Students who excel in this course are generally organized, motivated, independent, and have a good time-management skills.

Home Schooling FAQ

Is homeschooling legal in India?

According to the RTE Act, every child owns the right to receive a basic education and no authorities are going to intervene in the decision if a parent does not want to send their child to school and teach the child at home instead.

Am I qualified to teach my kids?

A parent doesn’t have to be a trained teacher to homeschool their child. However, a parent must be prepared to be completely dedicated and put in the hard work and time.

Can homeschooled students go to college?

Yes! Homeschoolers planning to attend college should be prepared to provide transcripts to their college of choice.

How will my child do lab work at home?

Birla Brainiacs Homeschooling Program offers lab kits that are delivered monthly. These kits are designed to help the students conduct lab experiments safely.

How will Birla Brainiacs assist during homeschooling?

Birla Brainiacs Homeschooling program helps the student by providing a structured curriculum and content to the students. The students don’t have to search through websites online for hours to find the right content. The concepts are taught using engaging storylines and familiar characters.

The students also get to address their doubts through live sessions with subject-matter experts.

Can I choose a board for my child?

Birla Brainiacs homeschooling program provides two boards for the students to choose from – IGCSE and NOIS.

How can homeschooling help the child appear for exams or get board certification?

Birla Brainiacs has tie-ups with IGCSE schools. Students can appear for exams via these centers.
The candidate can register for NIOS online or through NIOS study center or regional center.

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