The Growth of Homeschooling Beyond the Pandemic

The pandemic, which introduced millions of families to the concept of online learning at home, also influenced public perceptions of the growth of homeschooling. It was a method that only works for certain sorts of families or as a strange educational path on the outskirts of society. Homeschooling is now a legitimate educational choice with far-reaching long-term benefits that extend beyond the pandemic.

Homeschooling across the globe

When you take a look at the growth of homeschooling it’s important to ask why did parents all around the country and the world choose to homeschool their children during the pandemic? Some parents experimented with remote learning but were dissatisfied with how their schools handled the approach. Their children were not receiving the proper help required, or they were falling behind due to lowered standards or fewer instructional hours. These families utilized homeschooling to “get through" remote learning because they were frustrated and might have faced difficulty balancing childcare and returning to work.  Other families completed one year of remote schooling only to discover that their schools no longer provided virtual options during the pandemic’s second year. Some of these families had immune-compromised family members or children who were too young to be vaccinated, or simply, they weren’t willing to take the risk of returning their children to school in person. Homeschooling was the only alternative for people who did not have access to state-run virtual schools. Regardless of the cause, many families began homeschooling as a temporary solution, intending to send their children back to school as COVID statistics improved and/or immunizations for young children were available. However, as many of these families began homeschooling, they began to reap the benefits and have since decided to continue with this increasingly popular school-choice option.

Reasons why families choose Homeschool

While the pandemic has highlighted the growth of homeschooling as a temporary or permanent solution to specific challenges, families have been choosing to homeschool for decades to tackle other problems or give opportunities to their children.

  1. Dissatisfaction with State education

Some families believe that their child’s school is not maximizing their child’s potential, whether due to a lack of support or resources, quality instruction, relevant courses, or some other deficiency. Homeschooling allows parents to choose curriculum and courses and personalized education to maximize their child’s talents.

  1. Bullying

When a child gets mistreated at school, parents decide to remove their child from school. Homeschooling provides emotional and social support with more effective instruction while keeping the child safe.

  1. Support 

Families of special-needs children may believe that the school system fails to meet their kid’s educational, behavioural, and social needs or mistreat them. Parents believe homeschooling will help them to be more in control of their child’s development while reducing stressful school interactions. 

  1. Military Service

Military families may choose to homeschool their children to create a stable atmosphere when their locations or circumstances change regularly. Homeschooling also fosters supportive family relationships that can last regardless of where students attend school. 

  1. Travel Opportunities

Due to the sheer independence, it provides, homeschooling may be a suitable alternative for families that desire to travel. Roadschoolers, boat schoolers, and world schoolers use their capacity to learn anywhere to turn the world into a classroom.

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