Birla Brainiacs is a collaborative learning platform for students from Nursery to Grade 12

Our Homeschooling in India curriculum aims to make learning an engaging process while catering to each student's learning need through the IGCSE, CBSE & NIOS curriculum

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About Us

Homeschooling in India Birla Brainaics

Designed through Nursery to Grade 12, the Birla Brainiacs App aims to provide a balance between Guided Learning & Self-Study. We aim at regulating screen time for children while offering fun educational content. Students learn at their own pace with minimal supervision. Our technology identifies real-time progress & provides an adaptive curriculum by bridging learning gaps. Our Homeschooling in India curriculum hones Critical Thinking Skills, Reasoning Skills & Memory through practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalised learning dashboard that empowers learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

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Study Flow


Psychometric test helps in identifying student’s learning style based on which study groups are created ensuring productive and effective teaching-learning process.


Students start their learning journey by going through an animated video called ‘FlipTale’ where fictional characters teach the concept in a fun and engaging manner. FlipTales help understand complex topics that are difficult to follow in a traditional classroom.


A fixed number of students attend daily live sessions conducted by experienced teachers, creating a collaborative learning session for like-minded students.


Students test their understanding of the concept by attempting graded assessments.


Students have access to additional study material to further their knowledge.


Learning must never stop. We provide the fastest query resolution and 24/7 support to our learners.


It is no secret that students learn better when they share knowledge in a small group rather than in large groups.

Learning Should Be Visually Engaging


“I had trouble understanding Math concepts before I joined Birla Brainiacs. Their concept of teaching through stories really helped me understand as well as memorize the concepts. My mentor solves all my queries during the live session. I love learning through Birla Brainiacs app as it gives me the control of my learning.”

Raghav Dubey

Student – Pune


“I love learning through stories. I am able to understand the concept better as some of my favourite characters are teaching me the concept that I thought I would never understand. I also like the feature where I can post my doubts in the Query Box. Either teachers or students resolve my doubts. It also gives me an opportunity to test my knowledge by answering queries raised by other students.”

Diya Sanghvi

Student – Hyderabad


“We use Birla brainiacs' LMS for our online live classes and assessments here at Amethyst International School. We, being a budding school located at Chennai, always prefer to be unique in this education system and are very happy to share that Birla brainiacs is also a unique LMS supporting many schools during this pandemic. We are impressed with their customer customization and teamwork.”

Mrs.Sucharitha Venkatesan

Teacher – Chennai

Why Brainiacs?

Our Finding:

Through intensive discussions with parents across India, we came across two major concerns which new-age parents face :

  • Lack of knowledge and time to support their child’s self-study journey.
  • Compromising their child’s safety by sending them to neighbourhood tuition classes

Our Solution:

The program by Birla Brainiacs comes equipped with Certified & Experienced Teachers, Live Sessions, 24/7 Support & Detailed Performance Analytics. Parents can keep a track of their child’s Strengths & Weaknesses at a click of a button. This platform also provides an added advantage of accessibility & comfort of learning from one’s home.

From The Director’s Desk


“Today’s generation is more aware of how they want to learn. They don’t respond well to traditional classroom teaching and it weakens the foundation. We want to mold today’s learners into life-long learners, and for that we have to make not only the content but also the platform engaging. We take pride in saying that our platform and pedagogy makes learning truly effortless.”

Mr.Nirvaan Birla



Launched on Google Play Store

  1. Crossed 10,000 downloads
  2. Got First school on board
  1. Crossed 20,000 downloads
  2. Launched Mental Ability course
  3. Signed Agreement with Finance Peer for Pan India Distribution
  1. Signed Agreement with Finance Peer for Pan India Distribution
  2. Got First School on board through distribution channel proving scalability of model
  1. Launched 2nd version accessible from Laptop and iOS device
  2. Launched its own TV channel on JIO TV
  1. Coding course
  2. English speaking course
  1. 1 Lac downloads
  2. Started Homeschooling course
  1. Collaboration With Birla Open Minds International School
  1. Introduced India's First Hybrid Homeschooling platform
  1. Collaboration With Gopi Birla Memorial School
  1. Introduced Hybrid Homeschooling in Mumbai, the best of online & offline education
  1. 250+ Students registered for our Premium Membership
  1. Collaboration with Being Human
  1. Homeschooling from Nursery to 12th grade
  1. Finished 1st Academic year
  1. Enrolled 500+ students
  1. Awarded “Best Education App” (National Level) by Ario National Education Excellence Awards 2022

Strategic Alliance Between Protean eGov Technologies Limited (formerly NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited) & Birla Open Minds Education Pvt. Ltd. & Birla Brainiacs

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Our 5 Pillars Of Learning


Educational psychologists have identified that there are three main types of learning styles or expected ways in which children learn. These learning styles are Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. The curriculum caters to all three types of learning styles thus, making the learning experience enjoyable and fruitful by all types of learners.


“A story can put your whole brain to work.”- Leo Widrich. A ‘Flip Tale’ has many action-packed adventures embarked by some of the all-time favorite fictional characters. These adventures are not only educational but also entertaining. They unveil the concepts through interesting storylines with familiar characters that help build a healthy relationship between emotions and memories. This helps create an association that facilitates memorising and recalling. Through FlipTales, a student can memorise and recall a topic with ease. In addition, unlike animated videos that guide your imagination, Flip Tales help a child’s imagination to soar.

Live Session with Professional Educators

Students attend daily live sessions conducted by subject matter experts. These live sessions help in facilitating learning, doubt clarification, provide any homework assistance, and exam / test support.

Fastest Query Resolution

Learning must never stop. We provide the fastest query resolution and 24/7 support to our learners. Students can get their queries resolved in multiple ways such as live sessions, doubt clarification from the assigned teacher, discuss and post doubts on the Query Box which is part of our collaborative learning initiative. Group mates and/or the assigned teacher can even ask / answer the questions in the Query Box. These doubts are solved by the assigned teacher, group mates, or registered students. This forum is monitored by the teachers to ensure that no wrong information is shared.

Progress Report & Analysis

Our hyper-personalised content is driven by learning analytics. Activities, quizzes and unit tests help give continuous feedback to students, teachers, and parents. The detailed analysis helps in providing required intervention when needed thus resulting in frustration-free progress of the student. Parents can also access these reports to educate themselves about their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

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