Homeschool in India – Parental Involvement in Education

Deeply rooted in the Indian culture the concept of bin India is not new to the schooling scenario. Long ago parents did send their children to gurukuls to obtain all-around education that did not just give them degrees but actually taught them life skills and increased their quality of life. Times changed and so did the educational setup.

Modern-day schools offer opportunities galore for students and aid them in achieving high academic targets but gen Y kids deserve much more in the modern-day learning scenario and thereby springing the idea of Homeschooling.

Homeschool in India or home-based learning is a progressive movement that provides an appropriate setup for kids to learn within the comforts of their homes and under the able guidance of their parents or guardians.
This step forward in the realm of education:

  • Reduces the educational burden on students and allows them to choose subjects of their choice
  • It encourages self-paced learning and reduces the need for children to fit into that typical student mode
  • Allows children to pursue other religious interests as well as sports and extracurricular activities
  • Provides children with a stress-free learning environment and kindles their natural curiosity in their desired field of learning
  • Enables parents to inculcate value sets  that they desire kids to possess
  • Provides an opportunity to make learning exciting through innovative learning ideas
  • Strengthens the bond between parents and children and ensures more quality time together
  • Ensures that child learning is not affected even in dire circumstances such as the Covid 19 Pandemic!

However as much as parents today would love to introduce their kids to this new learning, they are filled with a number of what-ifs such as:

1. What if due to my busy schedule, I am unable to devote complete time to my child and his learning?

2. What if my child is unable to develop interpersonal skills because of low social interaction as compared to traditional schooling?

3. What about the study material and resources that I will need to teach my child?

4. How will I maintain my level of patience while teaching my child

5. What certification will my child get if he is home-schooled and how will I enrol him in colleges for further studies?

But worry not, Birla Brainiacs has it all covered with their Birla homeschooling program. Designed to counter all apprehensions regarding homeschooling in India, they are here to provide an integrated learning program that channelizes all benefits of traditional schooling into the idea of homeschooling. The brainchild of Birla Brainiacs, Mr Nirvaan Birla stated that the Homeschooling program ensures that students receive a quality education through the best of resources all under the Birla brand name.

The wait is over. It’s time to give your child the joys of school within the comforts of your home. Delight as you see him grow with values and skill sets of his own.

You can download the app to know more and for further information, you can reach out to us. Enroll with us to give your child the greatest possible educational experience!