Homeschooling Benefits for Your Child

Homeschooling is the act of educating your child at home rather than sending your kids to a school they are taught at home and hence the term home-schooling was coined. It has proved that homeschooling is very beneficial and progressive compared to normal schooling. But the real question is why do parents choose this method of education. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of homeschooling!

FlexibilityHome-schooling is proven to be flexible in nature, it can work even if your child is behind or ahead in academics without any pressure. 

Parents approach– In home-schooling, the parent is completely in charge of the schedule, grade level, learning approach, and curriculum. There is no third-party interference. 

Mental HealthHome-schooling is not only beneficial to academics but it goes beyond that compared to normal schooling which is like a race, home-schooling is where you can prioritize your child’s mental, emotional, behavioural as well as physical health.     

Family-friendly Environment– The environment where your child is studying plays a very important role too since in home-schooling you and your child are under one roof, this improves their social development as well as values and faith development. 

Community service activities– Many schools do not sponsor community activities such as service, volunteering, and entrepreneurship. But one of the many homeschooling benefits is, one can always take initiative to add this kind of service/activity for the child.

Efficient learning– With home-schooling children can learn subjects effectively without being forced to like them. 

Meaningful learningHome-schooling not only offers efficient learning but also meaningful learning that not only focuses on taking tests but also helps their physical, mental, and social development.

Focuses more on live learning- With home-schooling your child can learn things with live experience, it is not only focused on textual knowledge but also practical knowledge. Subjects are not restricted compared to schooling. Parents can make “adulting” part of living and learning.

Homeschooling benefits go beyond academics; this means that it is not only beneficial for your child’s academics but it is also beneficial for his/her mental, social, psychological, and physical development too. Although in India parents do not really opt for home-schooling that much but due to the covid-19 outbreak home-schooling can become the new normal. But still, there can be some disadvantages of Home-schooling such as:

Lack of qualified educators – Many statistics have shown that many home-schooling endeavours failed to achieve the target and objective due to the scarcity of qualified educators. Most of the best teachers in India are already in contracts with schools that don’t allow them to tutor after school hours so the lack of qualified Indian teachers for home-schooling is something that has been a problem for a long time.

No faith in home-schooling – Several people do not believe in home-schooling’s academic quality because it does not follow the standard curriculum. People are still in doubt regarding home schooling’s academic quality because the curriculum is not certified by authorities in India.

Social problems amongst home-schooled children – Home-schooled children do not possess well-developed social skills as they are not exposed to different types of people that they regularly meet while going to school. 

Freedom of children abstains – Home-schooled children would not enjoy their childhood because their freedom is constrained by their parents. There are many other things they have to learn through experience and it cannot be taught through educational settings at home.

Time commitment & dedicationHome-schooling is a procedure that entails a massive amount of dedication and time. Home-schooled children require parental supervision in order to motivate them towards academic excellence.

Additional financial burden – Either one of the parents is forced to give up his/her full-time job for home-schooling. There are additional costs for purchasing the curriculum needed. This includes the cost of materials for projects, field trips, computer software, and other resources. 

Is home-schooling in India beneficial to your child?
There can be many benefits and disadvantages to choosing to homeschool your child in India, but in the end, you shouldn’t be worried about the pros and the cons as the education of your child matter the most whether it’s at home or in school. There are several benefits of homeschooling your child. There are many pioneers of homeschooling in India. One such pioneer is Birla who is into home-schooling and online teaching for grades one to ten (1-10).  Birla also has an online learning app known as Birla Brainiacs which is a collaborative e-learning platform with a curriculum aimed to make learning an engaging process while catering to each student’s learning needs. Learning at home improves critical thinking, reasoning, and memory. The Birla home-schooling and e-learning platform have qualified teachers who are very good at keeping a child engaged as well as educated at the same time.

You can download the app to know more and for further information, you can reach out to us. Enroll with us to give your child the greatest possible educational experience!