Homeschooling in Hyderabad

Before we talk about Homeschooling in Hyderabad, let’s first have a look at this quote:

“The home is mankind’s first and most basic school. Home-centred education is as old as civilisation itself, commencing long before public schools were organised or even conceived.” – Ballmann, 1995

Homeschooling has been around for centuries, dating back from the ancient Gurukul Parampara institution to the colonial era. The emphasis on education through institutional learning by establishing schools began with industrialization. After the Civil War in America, the state took control of education by sanctioning attendance mandates, laying the foundation of regulated institutionalized education.

Why do parents choose to homeschool their children?

The underlying factor that drives Homeschooling in Hyderabad is the child’s interests. It allows children to approach a broad range of topics and study the subjects they like in-depth. It also facilitates far-reaching conversations among family members and encourages individual thinking. Unhappy with the traditional school system, some parents opt for this unique route. The conventional education scenario in India rarely allows students room for in-depth learning. With Homeschooling in Hyderabad, parents educate their children at home, employing customized methods to suit their child’s passions and preferences. Homeschooling eliminates the irrelevant clutter and fills the child’s learning space with valuable and practical opportunities instead of forcing them to study subjects. 

The growing trend of Homeschooling in Hyderabad

Families may prefer spending more time with their children and providing individualized learning from travel and nature. Further, the high costs of schooling, the ability to learn at one’s own pace, self-selecting peers, and avoiding negative social influence and abuse in schools drive many families to homeschool their children.

The hesitation over Homeschooling in Hyderabad pertains to homeschoolers’ academic performance, social skills, and success in the real world. Despite misapprehensions, homeschooling has grown impressively across the globe during 2021. One can attribute this surge to the increased engagement of parents with children during the pandemic-induced lockdown.

Homeschooling in Hyderabad

Homeschooling in Hyderabad is not an entirely foreign concept. However, with the usual way of life getting affected due to the pandemic, more people have started considering homeschooling as a permanent replacement for formal education. It creates a safe and comfortable environment to study. Besides, students can develop flexible studying schedules and curriculums aligned with their long-term goals and ambitions. With the development of online hybrid homeschooling, students can reach out to fellow students and teachers and experience collaborative and collective learning. They can also access specialized environments like laboratories for practical knowledge. Before online learning technology developed, homeschooling lacked these aspects of education

How to get started with Homeschooling in Hyderabad?

Starting with homeschooling is a straightforward process. You need a curriculum and a teaching process that best suits your child. The only aspect that demands some research is looking up local state laws about the board and examination centre that would certify your child’s education.

Here are some tips to help you get started with homeschooling in Hyderabad:

  1. Curriculum & syllabus

The internet is your best bet to start researching homeschooling in Hyderabad, including the curriculum. Once you decide upon the board of choice, the next step is to look for suitable curriculums.

  1. Education & learning

You can either teach your child or hire experts for individual subjects. Parents who homeschool their children form local groups that come together as learning centres so children can study in groups under the supervision of a tutor mutually decided upon by parents.

  1. Examinations

The law legalizes Homeschooling in Hyderabad, and children can take exams conducted by NIOS and IGCSE to be certified under a recognized board. Clearing these exams makes students eligible for higher education at universities. 

The trend is here to stay

Homeschooling is more than just studying suitable subjects and opting for a particular board. Parents need to consider the environment for their children since it significantly impacts productivity and academic success. With homeschooling in Hyderabad, choosing a study environment is flexible and involves a mutual agreement between parents and children. A good study environment could be a bedroom, lawn, or study centre where children can think, solve, focus, and relax.

Additionally, parents need to create schedules that include ample breaks from studying for physical and recreational activities, which can otherwise adversely affect productivity and a child’s interests. Exercise will refresh the child’s mind and increase the ability to absorb and retain information. It is vital to include field trips to museums, old cities, monuments, and other significant locations for children to experience the expanse of the world. Building a routine comes in handy to instil studying habits; however, rigidity in following them can backfire. A child’s shifting needs and comfort levels should always come first.

With advancing technology and platforms such as Birla Brainiacs, homeschooling in Hyderabad is becoming increasingly accessible. The flexibility of homeschooling emphasizes a child’s creative potential that enables them to crack tough challenges in the real world while opening up multiple avenues to explore. You can download the app to know more and for further information, you can reach out to us. Enroll with us to give your child the greatest possible educational experience!