Homeschooling – A Guide for Parents and Students

Rather than enrolling children in traditional Indian schools, parents have started to rely on homeschooling. For those of you who don’t know what exactly homeschooling is? Homeschooling is the process of educating your children at home via e-learning instead of sending them to public or private schools. Parents homeschool their children mainly because they believe in educating their children under their supervision via online learning. Now that we have access to countless online resources, parents have started considering homeschooling over sending children to schools. Digital learning apps have been an inordinate saviour for parents when it comes to homeschooling.

According to the National Home Education Research Institute, over a couple of years, the population of homeschooled kids is estimated to grow from 2% to 8% every year. However, there has been an exponential change from 2019-2020 to 2020-2021. In the coming 5 to 10 years, we expect to see massive growth as more parents have seen multiple benefits of homeschooling their children.

Here are some significant reasons why Indian parents are choosing to homeschool their children via online learning over public schools: 

1. Parents are allowed to spend extra time with their children when homeschooling.

2. Home-schooling allows for building a healthy and familiar relationship between parents and their kids.

3. Children are constantly under their supervision, hence parents can teach them etiquette, differentiate between personal and general boundaries, and social behaviour.

4. Parents have the freedom to incorporate their respective religions along with education.

5. Children receive personal attention and extra training in the fields required. This is how children tend to progress faster in homeschooling.

6. Parents can work on strengthening weaknesses, making them learn at their own pace in a very safe environment.

How do you get started with it?

Generally, as parents, you do not need an educational degree or a certain academic background to homeschool your children. If your children are at a very young age, and they have never been to a school before, you can commence homeschooling them when they turn the ideal school age which is from two years six months to three years 10 months. Even if you do not come from an educational background, your kids can get top-notch quality online learning with some of the best online learning platforms in India. Indian education has gained a footstep ahead because of some of the best digital learning apps like Birla Brainiacs.

How do you schedule it for your kids?

Homeschooling plays a significant role in the life of homeschoolers because it can be organized as per their schedules. Believing that kids should be homeschooled early in the morning with textbooks on their desks and a pencil in their hands is quite old-school now. There is no particular time for parents to homeschool their kids early in the morning like in traditional schools. Parents can keep up with children’s ardour and train them accordingly, this way learning can be fun and effective.

Parents can homeschool their children at regular intervals along with playtime breaks, this way they can strike a balance between learning and playing. When children are given breaks regularly, they get more excited about the coming study sessions.

Is there flexibility in Homeschooling?

Flexibility is yet another benefit of Homeschooling. If the kid or the parent is sick for a day, they can slow down and keep up with that the following day. Whereas, in public school, if a kid is sick, he/she might be absent and miss out on all that is taught on a respective day. Homeschooling comes with absolute flexibility even when you are in remote places, you can just educate your kids by downloading the learning apps.

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Are children rewarded with scholarships?

Scholarship programs vary from platform to platform. Depending on the application you choose for online learning to homeschool your children, scholarships differ. On some platforms, children have to appear for several tests, and the best-performing ones are awarded a scholarship. This also motivates children to study hard and give their best. Check out the Birla scholarship program.

Is homeschooling available in India?

Due to the pandemic, as we see digital learning applications taking a front seat, more parents have started homeschooling their kids for obvious reasons. Taking this into consideration, we have customized our learning programs, intending to provide effortless learning anywhere anytime. Birla Brainiacs cater to all three learning styles – Kinesthetic learner, Auditory learner, and Visual learner. If you are looking for the best e-learning application, your search has come to an end. We at Birla Brainiacs, take your responsibility as parents, to make learning fun including co-curricular activities and time-to-time evaluation. Birla Brainiacs homeschooling aims at providing quality education in the comfort of your home at an affordable cost.

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