How to Handle Stress While Homeschooling During Lockdown

There is no doubt that the pandemic has greatly affected our education system both internally and externally. On one hand, the management is getting stressed about how to handle things and children, and on the other hand, the parents are getting tensed about how to teach their children at home and handle their own work simultaneously! Parenting has always been difficult and there is no easy way out. Homeschooling during the lockdown, managing your own work from home, juggling the financial situation, and all the uncertainties surrounding Covid-19 have been very stressful. 

Here are some stress management tips that will help you manage your stress while homeschooling your child during the lockdown

Making a routine: A routine can help you reduce stress. Making an outline of the day will help you prioritize your task easily. Another important thing to note is that your routine shouldn’t be stringent; it has to be flexible in order to make the most of it. 

Setting Goals: Setting goals for your child and then rewarding them can help them be more focused and keep them motivated for future tasks. Keeping a small reward such as watching their favourite tv show can help them tackle their unpleasant math assignments.  In fact, you should involve your entire family in such goals and rewards so that your youngster sees the family as a unit. This reduces stress on not just your child but also on yourself.

Prepare ahead of time: Even though times are unpredictable and uncertain, planning ahead of time for every possible situation can help you manage things properly. With the ongoing scenario, children are bound to feel overwhelmed. During these times as a parent, you should first calm yourself and then the child. Get your hands on calming strategies before you and your child needs them. A little research work on how to tackle your child’s behaviour will go a long way. 

Organize Creative Classes: Experimenting with science for example can be an effective way of bringing teachings to life. Consider your child’s strengths as well. If they enjoy drawing and writing, this is an excellent time to give them some pencils and paper. 

Change your teaching style: If your child is not interested in learning new things, then it’s time to change the way you teach them. Always keep an eye on how your child reacts and engages with each lesson. Don’t be afraid to try out new things and learn with your child. For example, if your children dislike reading aloud, have them listen to audiobooks instead. If your children aren’t paying attention during a lecture, include some posters and visual aids. Alternatively, if your children appear bored and caged up, move them to the front porch or backyard for a change of scenery. These tips will help you reduce stress while homeschooling during the lockdown and make you more focused on the end goal. With that being said one does not know when the pandemic will end.

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