How To Improve a Student’s Focus Through E-learning?

What is E-learning? 

It is a process of acquiring knowledge, engaging and manipulating objects, experiences, and conversations which help build mental models of the world through online learning platforms. It is said that all learners build knowledge as they explore the world around them,  learning is not mugging up textbooks or dictionaries. It is an act to observe and interact with different phenomena, converse and engage with others to build understandings. Recently due to the covid-19 outbreak, many students have now shifted to e-learning. E-learning is short for electronic learning, it is formalized-based learning through electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones that are connected to the internet. This makes it easy for students to learn anytime, anywhere! 

How to improve a student’s focus through E-learning? 

Since e-learning is now a stepping stone in India, one of the major drawbacks is student-teacher interaction! It is very important to have interactions with students and vice versa so many e-learning applications such as Birla Brainiacs provide collaborative learning for students from grades 1 to 10. Their application is built to make e-learning a fun and engaging process while also keeping the need of student learning in mind. It is a known fact that learning at home improves critical thinking, reasoning, and also memory. Since online  learning has now become very effective and common here are some of the tips and tricks to  improve a student’s focus through e-learning

1. Proper knowledge about the subject: one of the key drivers of effective online learning apps is to have proper knowledge about the said subject. It should contain proper material that is backed by proof and also adequate research material to make the course more interesting and informative because not all learners digest information the same way. You need to take your time to research material before making it available to your learners. The reasons are simple, you want to be prepared to back up any claims made within your course material, not all learners digest information the same way, and some may need more explanation through examples or further proof. 

2. Aappealing learning style: Another tip to improve a student’s focus on learning is to have a proper learning style. For example, not all students can observe or overlook things the same, as student 1 may benefit by learning through visuals and presentation of coursework and lessons while the other student may absorb information when they are presented in text form. Hence, an effective online teacher app should have various learning styles into account when they are being created.

3. To facilitate Interactions: Students and teachers both should be able to establish an open line of communication this means that by having a properly established line of communication the students can learn effectively. Effective communications also ensure that student expectations are met and that they receive the help or need to be required on a regular basis. Some examples of student communication with teachers include discussion forums, social media, chats, email, video conferencing,  and other technologies. 

4. Easy Navigation and functionality: E-Learning platforms in India should be well integrated and organized so that students can focus on coursework rather than sorting out technical issues that might arise due to poorly integrated sites and systems. 

5. Easily available course documents: the best way to improve a student’s focus on learning is to provide them with well-versed course documents. This will give students and teachers a proper roadmap for their courses.  

Taking all this into account, digital learning apps can really help students to focus on learning and improve their creative and critical thinking via electronic devices. Especially when it comes down to Indian education, online learning apps can make a big difference to students all around the country.

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