Indian Education – The Push and Pull of Homeschooling

The major push in Indian education has been the adoption of homeschooling. How did it begin? The Covid-19 outbreak is solely responsible for this enormous shift. Now, very casually you might come across a living room where a six-year-old, a twenty-two-year-old and a forty-five-year-old are all performing their job with the help of the internet and electronic devices like a computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Whether it is about educating oneself or about employment everything can be done remotely without stepping out of your home.

The understanding of homeschooling in Indian education

In India, for decades parents have only believed that only classroom learning is the only way to educate a kid with top-notch quality education. Hence, the sudden shift from classroom to online learning left parents helpless. Initially, the adoption of homeschooling was quite burdensome but now that it’s been more than a year, parents and kids have learned to live with it. Let’s see what factors caused the push and pull of homeschooling:

The effect of the outbreak of Covid-19 on Indian education

This was not voluntary at all. The outbreak of Covid-19 forced the shutdown of shopping malls, corporate offices, educational institutions including schools and colleges. It was also stated that only one in four children had access to digital devices and internet connectivity hence, it was not an option for all. However, as the situation became tough, gradually parents started adopting this switch from traditional to online learning. Parents were concerned about whether their kids will get a quality education or not, whether will kids be prepared for higher grades, is online learning going to be as effective as classroom learning, etc.

This transformation from classroom to online learning has benefited us in several ways. Kids could access various homeschooling programs. And education became available even for kids learning in remote areas, homeschool could be scheduled as per parents’ respective schedules, kids could learn at their own pace, etc.

Remote learning

Many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic and many didn’t have enough resources to pay the house rent. Both these factors led to the return of people to their villages. In such situations, parents could only educate their kids via online learning. But this has been one of the greatest advantages of online learning. People can access quality education from any part of the world. Remote learning saves so much on time and the cost of conveyance. The same saved cost can be utilized to master another skill online. To conclude, the shutdown of schools has helped kids in remote areas to educate themselves by being safe and avoiding travelling.

Cut off additional expenses

Classroom learning comes with a lot of expenditures. School fees along with travel costs, cost of books, stationery, uniform, and other accessories can be a lot. Fees for private schools are quite high compared to government schools. Schools also charge for extracurricular activities and field trips. Kids in school see other kids using fancy stationery and demand the same, a lot of parents would not be able to afford these costs. Hence, we can say that homeschooling has only helped to cut off these additional costs. Homeschooling can be done with the help of the internet and a compatible smartphone which costs less than the expenditure made in regular schooling. 


When we look at traditional schooling, a picture of early morning classroom learning appears in front of us. Over the years we have only believed that schools are supposed to be only carried out early in the morning. However, due to the rise in online learning and the adoption of homeschooling, scenarios have changed. To homeschool parents can take up a homeschooling program from any online educational platform. In homeschooling, parents can plan the homeschool hours as per their schedules. There is huge flexibility of speed in homeschooling, parents can teach their kids at their own pace and temperament. Parents can focus more on their weaker subjects. Multiple revisions can be provided to their kids. Parents can plan their short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals according to their convenience and their kids’ capability.

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