International Schooling at Home in India

When considering moving out, families are naturally concerned about their child(ren)’s education. Here international schooling at home can play an easy and effective solution. Homeschooling abroad offers the reliability of a curriculum of your own choice with the flexibility to adapt your child’s learning to your new situation and location. International schooling at home has become the most favourable option for NRI parents.

“The idea is to educate, not follow anyone’s schedule about when something should be studied.” – Ray Drouillard.

International schooling at home is booming.

The covid-19 pandemic has positively popularised the idea of international schooling at home. The demand for contemporary education has raised the utilization of digital tools and e-learning platforms. Homeschooling is gradually evolving as an alternative education system internationally. It entitles students to complete their education at home rather than in the traditional school environment. International schooling at home ensures providing quality education at your convenience. Much research conducted on homeschooling worldwide shows that homeschoolers perform better than their traditionally schooled peers.

International schooling at the home trend in India.

While many countries have been friendly to international homeschooling, India still has a long way to cover. Currently, homeschooling is not regulated; by any government authority. As a result, homeschoolers; are not required to file with any government departments. The ideology of homeschooling originated in India for specially-abled children who need additional family support. But with education growing rigid, other parents have begun experimenting with this idea. 

Concerns about a tedious formal education system and the visionary ideas of Birla Brainiacs amplify the homeschooling argument over traditional schools. 

India has seen significant growth in international homeschooling in major cities such as Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai. With the steady growth of homeschooling in India, education has become more homogenized to ensure students learning through this system do not lack anything. Although there is no fixed curriculum or pedagogy, parents and students collaborate to create a versatile syllabus based on their inspiration. Prominent academic institutions, national and international, are now involved in this alternative learning system. 

International schooling at home curriculum options in India


Homeschooled children can appear for the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) exams as private candidates. 10th-class students are eligible for this exam. This exam covers multiple phases of evaluation from primary to advance level. IGSCE qualification is valued worldwide. 

Why is Birla Brainiacs the best homeschooling platform in India?

Birla Brainiacs is a platform that is leading International schooling at home that offers a curriculum suited for various education boards such as IGCSE. We provide international education at a reasonable cost. Learning materials are customized based on unique interests and aptitudes. We believe in an adaptive curriculum so; the child does not suffer from a new situation or location. We at Birla Brainiacs do not believe in the traditional schooling system because we strive to educate children even; in remote areas with the help of technology to support young talent to pursue their dreams. Birla Brainiacs believes in the balance of learning and; extracurricular activities for an integrated educational experience. International schooling at home with us allows your child to learn in their own space. Check out our homeschooling program and get in touch with us.