Is E-learning The Future of Education in India?

E-learning is defined as electronic learning and is a technique of education used for web-based distance education, wherein there is no real-life interaction. E-learning is the best platform to interact and learn effectively without the need of an instructor but in some online teacher apps, an instructor is available to help you. But sometimes Indian teachers find it difficult to teach online as they are not very technology-friendly, so it’s important for education in India apps to develop their instructors with the necessary skills needed to teach online. Online learning courses cover several domains, using a wide variety of technologies.  Generally, online learning apps are used by organizations such as schools and corporates.

E-learning is more flexible and convenient than normal classroom-based learning. E-learning training uses different types of tools and techniques which include using audio and video visuals of the recordings, takeaways, short assessments, surveys, forum groups, etc. E-learning has become a daily routine for children all over India due to the COVID-19 global pandemic and we have also seen an uprise in the number of online studying apps that are available for children to use. But we are E-learning the future of Education in India, we will now find out. 

An overview of E-learning platforms. 

Due to technological advancements over the years, the way education is delivered has changed drastically. The classroom has no longer become a physical location and students can now learn by sitting at home in their own desired environment as all they need is access to a free online learning platform. E-learning has revolutionized the way students think about education and pursue their degrees. Some of the best educational apps in India even offer full scholarships to bright and young students. It has become very easy to receive a degree or certificate online. Students no longer need to travel to school every day as they are able to download the learning app with one touch of a button, all they require are the applications for studying which is an internet connection and a device to access the lessons and course material. E-Learning has rapidly been adopted all over India and also across the world due to widespread access and some of its benefits are given below. 

Benefits of E-learning 

Cost-Effective & time-consuming Online learning apps help you and your family save money and increase your children’s productivity by decreasing time and travelling costs. 

Environmentally friendly – E-learning is beneficial to the environment as it consumes approximately 90% less energy.  

24/7 Learning – E-Learning is available for you to access at the touch of a button and at any time. 

Online progress tracking – Using an online free studying app makes it simple to track and guide the progress of the students and this is very essential for children who are passionate about developing their skills for future opportunities.

Cautious Approach – Some students who are shy and not comfortable working within groups are given their space to self-learn with interactive tasks such as flip tales. 

Is E-learning the future of education in India? 

Yes, it is! The jobs of the future will require digital and technological skills, and as the next generation of digital natives enters the workforce, E-learning will play a more prominent role in developing the education system in India. So, E-learning is very important for students to adapt to and will help them with their future careers. Birla Brainiacs is one of the best online learning platforms in India. It is a collaborative online learning platform for students from grades 1 to 10. The curriculum aims to make learning an engaging process while catering to each student’s learning needs. Learning at home improves critical thinking, reasoning, and memory. The Birla Brainiacs app is made to cater to those students who don’t usually understand what is being taught in school. The curriculum targets the concepts in a way that a student’s doubts are clarified after watching the videos. The Birla Brainiacs online app uses technology that identifies real-time progress and provides an adaptive curriculum by bridging learning gaps. The digital learning app strives to provide a balance between guided learning and self-study. It even has an exam scholarship program that is used to identify young talented students and support them to achieve next-level performance by providing the top performers with scholarship awards. 

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