Education in India – Is Homeschooling Bridging the Gap?

Education in India has changed drastically over the years. Several factors like poverty, lack of knowledge, gender inequality, and inadequate resources have highly contributed to the rate of illiteracy reaching heights. Kofi Annan rightly said that Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope’. However, technology has helped us in all ways to lessen the literacy rate in India. With the help of the internet, children from the most remote areas and weaker sections of society are being educated now. Kids these days have access to numerous learning opportunities only because of online learning. This also improves the standard of living of people.

Not so long ago, parents barely even considered educating their children via online learning, or not even the thought of enrolling their kids in any homeschooling institutes must have crossed their minds because we only knew traditional learning that resonates with textbooks and classrooms. Due to the pandemic, parents have started believing that their kids can be educated with top-notch learning right from their homes.

Has Covid-19 wrecked Education in India?

Post high school, generally after graduating with a degree, many students consider studying abroad. Studying and graduating from different universities abroad is a quintessential experience for many students who have done their Education in India. Students enroll themselves for counselling to see their right fit and plan studies abroad accordingly. Every year, thousands of students pack their bags and go to different countries for their higher education. Gaining a degree from a university abroad has been a dream for many students. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the borders have been restricted for almost more than a year now. 

However, that didn’t stop kids from pursuing their dreams abroad. The kids didn’t have to give up on their dreams. Even though universities could not resume physical classrooms for students it did not stop them from taking their studies online. Kids can still gain foreign degrees right from the comfort of their couches without compromising on anything. This is only possible because of universities opting for online learning.

Bridging the Covid-19 induced learning gaps in Indian education

The spectre of Covid-19 has resulted in the shutting of schools all over the world. Around the globe, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. The pandemic has changed Education in India dramatically giving an exponential push to online learning in education. With the distinctive rise of e-learning, teaching is undertaken on digital platforms even from remote places. After researching, we have come to the conclusion that online learning has proven:

  1. To show an increase in the retention of information
  2. Consume less time
  3. Shrink on cost 
  4. Exposure to multiple online learning resources
  5. Enables learning from highly skilled professionals around the globe
  6. Allows learning from the comfort of your home
  7. Allows taking up multiple courses at a time

The changes caused by this outbreak are for the better and are here to stay forever. With this sudden shift away from the classroom to the classroom-like setup in many parts of the world, the adoption of online learning will continue to persist even post-pandemic

Is online learning as good as classroom education?

Traditionally, schools and universities were intrinsically based on the physical attendance of the students, digital learning has remained a supplementary support system. Owing to the ongoing global crisis, institutions across the world have transitioned to online learning in no time. Professors are getting used to online tools to keep their classes functioning. They have been trying really hard to ensure that the upcoming generation develops all the skills they require through their laptop screens. It must have not been easy to adapt to the quick switch from traditional to online classes but by now everyone has got a hang of it.

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