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Flexibility and Convenience

Self-paced learning minimizes the academic demands on the learner. Learners are able to devour the content and activities in their own time, at their own place, from any device, and from anywhere in the world.

Reinforced Learning

At Birla Brianiacs, we understand that not all students understand what is taught in the school. Self-study improves critical thinking, reasoning, and memory. Our curriculum ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to covering the concepts. Reinforcement of a concept happens through the Flip Tales and live sessions by the subject matter expert.

Responsible Learning

The curriculum is learner-centered and helps students develop into responsible and autonomous learners.

24/7 Access to Lectures

A research done by psychologist Jonathan Schooler, University of California, found that students lose focus at least 5 times in a 45-minute class session. Our lectures are available 24/7 thus, students can replay lectures or read the transcript for clarity.

Collaborative Learning

Two (or more) heads at work are better than one. Collaborative learning motivates students to work together to clarify their doubts. This results in an enhanced understanding of the concept. At Birla Brainiacs, we firmly believe that students learn better by addressing misunderstandings and clarifying misconceptions.