Online Education – Truth about Homeschooling in India

Not many schools in India prepare young people for success in their life and career therefore Online education is considered to be of key importance. Indian schools are often considered slow, boring, gloomy, non-customization, and lack real decision making which means that students and Indian teachers alike aren’t the most valuable people to include in your personal network while you grow up.

Whereas on the other hand, Home educators and self-directed learners already know about this. They avoid following the system when it comes to education as they move away from the classroom into a real-world setting learning from experiences. Homeschooling students through online education shows that real-life-based learning is a lot more fun, varied and valuable compared to chasing the same paper as everyone else.

Online Education goes beyond youth and school. One of the biggest parts of any job is that continuous learning in a particular field must take place constantly in order to master any profession. Homeschooling is very similar to sports, with continuous practice, hard work, and dedication, anyone can master the field of work they aim to be in. Professionals from small start-ups to listed companies are beginning to understand that experience is more important than what is written on a resume. The apprenticeship is making a fight back and it’s not just for blacksmiths and welders, but for everyone from marketing mavens to salespeople to operations experts and many more.

Home-schooling students through online education as compared to students in schools do more on-the-job learning, shadowing those with more knowledge and skill, experimentation, and value-creating projects that are replacing arbitrary assignments and grades. Home-schooled students are the future talent and training funnel for some of the fastest-growing companies in India and the world. Some of the best personal and professional growth through homeschooling in India comes from:

Interest, not credentials

As mentioned earlier similar to any sport it all starts with motivation and incentives. If you’re doing something just for the sake of getting good grades then you are unlikely to really be transformed by the process. In India mugging is a form of learning which is encouraged by Indian teachers all over the country, but this doesn’t really help all students as many of them fail to understand what they are actually learning. Whereas, through home-schooling, teachers help you understand a particular subject and make you apply your mind until you understand instead of making you repeatedly mug up the answers without explaining anything. Following rules in schools and dutifully spitting out papers and multiple-choice exam papers don’t really enlighten a student’s growth. Often students in schools always take the path of least resistance and maximum external reward.

Contrast that to an intrinsically motivated challenge.  Genuine interest drives transformation.  When value creation is the outcome instead of rule-following it creates the incentive for innovation and growth.  When you’re working at a real company that can’t afford to make up valueless assignments you will learn quickly.  When you chose to be there and need to prove they should hire you full-time, you’ll have no choice but to learn and home-schooling in India is something that encourages you to do so.

Application, not memorization

If a CEO of a company was to interview two people. The first one is someone that read three marketing books and passed a test. The second one is someone who built and launched a landing page and email campaign with successful sales. Who would you choose?

No questions asked the CEO would choose the second person.

All the facts in this world are pointless without context. A home-schooling student provides the context that gives meaning to otherwise random phrases such as “Target Marketing”, or “KPI”. Facts are also pretty easy to come across and can be learned very quickly when the need arises. As mentioned earlier, students who are in school in India are taught through a method of memorization which not all students are truly good at. Whereas home-schooling students are made to apply their minds by learning from real-life situations and when you learn in context, the information tends to stick in your brain as compared to those students in the school who memorize things for an exam and forget about it as soon as the exam is over.

Learning from experience, not from reading

Not many young people in India aim to become entrepreneurs and end up either working for a family business or in corporate jobs. This is mainly because they haven’t experienced what it feels like to become one as the Education system in India is structured in such a way that they don’t encourage students to do so. You cannot really understand what it takes to start or run a company unless you’re around it. Not many people can find their niche by just reading about it. This is why there are so many educated unhappy students from schools who are struggling in 9-5 corporate jobs as they grow up to try and make a career for themselves. Most of these students thought it sounded like a cool job but had no real exposure to day-to-day life.


There is no better way to get better than to be around those who are.  Homeschooling in India provides examples of many kinds of work and inspires you to chase after dreams you didn’t even know existed. You can read about rock climbing for years but you’ll never learn to do it or experience it until you get yourself out there and climb a rock.

The truth about Home-schooling

All of the above won’t sound different to people whose education already looks like this.  The self-chosen study, hands-on projects, early work experience, exposure to diverse people of diverse ages, and level of experience.  That’s what self-directed learners do. While Homeschooling in India through online education, students don’t even realize how far ahead of their peers they are in many ways. Focus on college acceptance dramatically disintegrates students in schools and colleges. They’re already ready for the next step in the education and career revolution but homeschooling students are already experiencing it. Birla Home-schooling is known to be one of the best educators within this sector in India. They also have an educational app known as Birla Brainiacs which is a collaborative online learning app with a curriculum aimed to make learning an engaging process while catering to each student’s learning needs. Learning at home improves critical thinking, reasoning, and memory. The Birla home-schooling and e-learning platform in India has qualified teachers who are very good at keeping a child engaged as well as educated at the same time.

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