Online Live Classes | Bring School to Home

Education has changed from going to school early in the morning to setting up a classroom-like atmosphere at home. Online live classes are one of the biggest advantages brought to us by the internet. The internet has made it possible for students to access the best quality education from well-trained professors across the globe from the most remote places. In these difficult times like covid-19, it is the internet that has made it possible for kids to keep learning and employees to keep earning from the comfort of their homes without risking their health. Videos recorded by highly skilled professionals, schools, and learning institutes can be shared with the world with the help of the internet. When parents choose to homeschool their kids, they can educate them by streaming real-time videos as per their schedule and at their pace.

Every kid has the right to education yet not every kid is educated because of various reasons like gender inequality, poverty, unawareness, negligence, inaccessibility, etc. Due to the pandemic, a lot of kids have migrated to their villages and even different countries but what has kept them educated the same is online education. They have been gaining an education online with the help of the internet. Because online live classes have gained a public eye, kids are able to learn different skills along with the regular syllabus.

What are the benefits of Online Live Classes?

Let’s see some of the benefits of online classes

  • Education is accessible from the most remote areas: Not so long ago you had to drive your kids to school early in the morning but now you can access the top-notch quality of education from the comfort of your home. All you need is a smartphone/laptop and a stable internet connection. You can sign up your kids for homeschooling at an institute and educate them at home. One of the advantages of homeschooling is your kids can learn at their own speed and work on their weaknesses.
  • Strengthen the weaknesses: Kids get to learn at their own speed. While streaming online lectures, kids can increase and decrease the speed of the lecture and concentrate even better. Kids can re-watch the lectures and work well on their weaker subjects. According to their own schedule, parents can assist their kids to overcome their weaknesses.
  • Access the best education around the globe: From the comfort of your couch, your kids can access education around the globe. You can enroll your kids to learn various languages, extracurricular activities, and whatnot with foreign institutes and professionals. Even though there is a time difference in countries, kids can watch recorded sessions as per their schedule and comfort. The Internet is breaking the barrier and making global education accessible directly from home.
  • Favours interaction: Homeschooling institutes do research and put together the best-learning material with the help of highly skilled professionals. Homeschooling institutes hire skilful teachers so that the kids have the best learning experience. Homeschooling institutes like Birla Brainiacs make use of visuals to make learning easier. They have doubt-solving sessions where students can interact with the teachers online and clear their doubts, this enhances interaction and makes learning more interesting for the kids.
  • Affordable education: Going to school costs way more than seeking education via online live classes. It’s no secret that there are several expenses when a kid goes to school. You have to pay for classroom fees, conveyance, cafeteria meals, extracurricular activity fees, uniforms, textbooks, stationery, etc. All these add up real quick. A lot of people who cannot afford, have to take out loans for their children. Planning education and sending your kids to the best school in your region can be a burden for parents. Whereas, when it comes to online classes, it is expected to bear a one-time cost for a smartphone and an internet connection. Now, even the internet has become extremely cheap. Due to online education being affordable, more kids can be educated. Online learning is one of the biggest steps in eradicating illiteracy.

Birla Brainiacs help you bring school home?

Birla Brainiacs is a collaborative learning platform for kids from 1st to 10th grade. We, at Birla Brainiacs, provide education with the aim of effortless learning. We offer limitless flip tales class videos, daily live classes, and the fastest query resolution. We help kids strike a balance between guided learning and self-study. With the help of technology, we identify real-time progress and provide an adaptive curriculum by bridging learning gaps. We promote all three types of learning: Kinesthetic learning, visual learning, and audio learning. We bring the best education for your kids because we believe learning should be accessible from all parts of the world.

You can download the app to know more and for further information, you can reach out to us. Enroll with us to give your child the greatest possible educational experience!