Pandemic Led to a Boom in Online Learning

Online learning surged in no time. But why? In India, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic enforced schools to shut their doors and switch to online classes in March 2020. Inherently students were forced to become online learners. Online learning apps saw a sudden shift as a watershed moment in the education technology industry. People also thought that traditional schooling would completely collapse because massive companies like Google and LinkedIn Learning saw increased interest in online learning.

In no time, classroom whiteboards were replaced by laptop screens. Students and teachers were trying to become tech-savvy. Today, education has changed dramatically, with a peculiar change in e-learning, education became easily accessible even in remote areas. Research showed that online education is proven to show increase the retention of information and is less time-consuming. With this sudden shift from classroom to laptop screen around the globe, there have been mixed reviews on whether the adoption of online learning will continue to persevere post-pandemic, and how this sudden shift impacts the education market worldwide.

How has the pandemic impacted the education market?

Let’s see how the education market has been impacted by the pandemic:

  1. Astonishing growth

Though everyone wondered if the growth is going to persist post-pandemic or not. The growth of e-learning has been quite staggering. There has been an increase in the number of new learner registrations. This growth is not only credited to the number of workers who were left unemployed but also to people who started working from home and planned to upskill themselves.

Though there were a lot of ed-tech platforms offering short programs and courses for people to skill up in various topics, nobody really believed in enrolling for those courses. As soon as the pandemic hit, people started losing their jobs in great numbers and that’s when they realized that, “We need to be prepared if we lose our job someday and for that, it is of utmost importance to upgrade our skills”.

  1. Period of adaptation

A lot of students might have prepared themselves to return to traditional in-person schooling post-pandemic, but many organizations and institutions globally are preparing for the adjustment period of demand. Undoubtedly, so many people have learned various skills online and so many students have completed the entire academic year online. And now we can clearly say that everybody has gotten a hang of online education which has caused a shift in the education system towards online learning and it’s here to say. Several organizations are working on investing further to enhance the courses to improve the experience of remote learning.

  1. Bridge the skills gap

As employees have started working from home and students have started homeschooling, they have much more time on hand. This saves a lot of time and the cost of conveyance, the same time and the cost can be brought into use to learn and master those skills that have always been on their wishlist. Which will eventually help them to easily crack their job deals. Even if the pandemic must have led to an increase in the rate of unemployment, mastering different skills will help them find other jobs easily. The shift to online learning since the pandemic has definitely helped to lessen the skills gap.

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