Trend of Hybrid Homeschooling in India: First Platform

Trend of hybrid homeschooling is new but increasingly popular. Read on to know how this trend of hybrid homeschooling is growing in India.

As parents in India gear up to help their children with online learning, a small but rapidly growing number are taking matters into their hands by embarking on the homeschooling journey.

Some parents are worried about the quality of learning offered by virtual classes. Others are concerned about the family’s well-being amidst the pandemic resulting in them parting ways with the traditional school system. Some parents believe that wearing masks and attending school hampers the interactive learning process essential for child development.

However, many parents find homeschooling a tedious and self-driven project where the onus ultimately falls on oneself. They may face the inability to teach or devote enough time. In the absence of sufficient co-curricular activities, homeschooling can isolate children. They may be unable to socialise and lack basic life skills like sharing, being cooperative, and showing tolerance towards new people.

Therefore, considering the shortcomings of homeschooling, the trend of ‘hybrid homeschooling’ has taken centre stage. It is a mixed approach to education with traditional school attendance and home instructions. The trend of hybrid homeschooling maintains a sound balance between formal schooling and stay-at-home experiences and learning.

With the trend of hybrid homeschooling, students benefit from learning in a blended way. While parents are highly involved in the academic growth of their kids, the students have the liberty to attend classes 2-3 days a week. Teachers provide primary instructions, and the school decides the curriculum. The trend of hybrid homeschooling gives rise to a well-balanced social and academic upbringing while catering to every child’s unique requirements, interests, personality, and learning style.

Many EdTech platforms are sprouting to match the rising trend of hybrid homeschooling in India. They offer a customisable system with different materials and methods according to international standards and learning styles. With the advantages of homeschooling, students have a comfortable and flexible learning environment. Many homeschoolers follow formal CBSE, NIOS, and IGCSE education methods. Around 15,000 families in India have opted to homeschool their children for holistic development.

Hybrid homeschooling is a technologically dependent learning format. The learning content should balance technological and physical aspects to meet learning objectives and yield optimal results. This learning strategy has resulted in numerous learning platforms across the nation. The first hybrid homeschooling platform in India is Birla Brainiacs. It is a collaborative learning platform for students from nursery to grade 12. The homeschooling curriculum provided by Birla Brainiacs aims to make learning an engaging process that caters to every child’s unique learning needs. It is the leading hybrid homeschooling platform aiming to provide a balance between guided learning and self-study. Birla Brainiacs is a perfect solution to all the significant concerns of new-age working parents who lack time and want to ensure their child’s safety.

Birla Brainiacs has an adaptive curriculum created with three main learning styles. It caters to every visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic learner making the learning experience fun and constructive. There are daily live sessions where students can interact with professional educators who assist them with learning, queries, homework, and assessments. Learning with peers builds a collaborative and interactive experience. Birla Brainiacs is quick to resolve every child’s questions. To ensure learning never stops, Birla Brainiacs offers 24/7 support to its learners. The learning content is hyper-personalised with a system to provide continuous feedback and detailed analysis of every child’s performance. The hybrid homeschooling curriculum also includes various extra-curricular activities like yoga, dance, and music to stimulate learning. 

Learning becomes exciting and enjoyable in a fun-filled environment like Birla Brainiacs.