Why are Online Live School Classes Becoming Popular?

Online live school classes coupled with homeschooling are great alternatives in times of uncertainty that can reap multiple benefits for your child’s education. Every child experiences the transition from traditional schooling to homeschooling differently. Some might adjust to it quickly, while others may take longer. What new homeschoolers miss about conventional education is the classroom environment. They are accustomed to seeing and socialising with peers and interacting with teachers. Hence, the shift can be a significant life change. Since most schools lack the infrastructure to create an operational alternative to in-person classroom learning, many homeschooling children have to work independently. That’s when online live school classes come into the picture.

Let’s see why online live school classes are beneficial.

  1. Online live classes are similar to traditional schooling.

Some children thrive in a traditional classroom environment. They may not respond well to a parent teaching or a tutor instructing a group of students. Virtual classes simulate a classroom environment much like traditional classrooms. Online live school classes allow children to see, interact, and talk to fellow students despite the vast physical distance. They enjoy receiving instructions from a teacher instead of simply completing assignments online.

  1. Real teachers take live classes.

While homeschooling has its share of benefits, it cannot replace the traditional classroom experience of receiving instruction from qualified and trained teachers. It is precisely this experience that online live school classes offer. The daily online live classes offered by Birla Brainiacs are popular thanks to the fantastic teachers who lead them. Our certified teachers are highly qualified and engaging, which means that every child enjoys a wholesome and fulfilling learning experience. Teachers at Birla Brainiacs are dedicated, and it reflects in every class.

  1. There are activities beyond the four walls of a classroom.

Birla Brainiacs has a lot to offer in its online live school classes. Regular classes in math, science, social studies, and languages are essential. However, they are more effective in students’ overall development when combined with co-curricular activities. We offer fun, engaging, and expertly instructed activities like music, dance, drama, and yoga that students love, which they wouldn’t find in traditional schools.

  1. There is motivation and healthy competition.

Children tend to feel unmotivated when they work alone at home, without their classmates. Online live school classes tackle this problem by allowing children to see one another through virtual classrooms. The presence of other students in class is no determiner of excelling in academics. Nonetheless, it adds an element of healthy competition and motivates students to study better.

  1. Online live school classes understand the importance of flexibility.

With Birla Brainiacs’ online live classes, children can fit in as many classes as their liking. They can attend the lessons no matter their location. They would require a reliable high-speed internet connection, headphones, and a device like a laptop. In addition, online live school classes allow children to mix up different types of homeschooling to add a variety of learning methods each day. The flexibility in learning styles helps sustain children’s interest in academics and makes them eager to look forward to studying.

  1. There are opportunities for interaction and socialisation.

Online live classes join children worldwide through a single classroom. With virtual classes, students can have classmates from different states and countries. Such interaction allows children to learn more about other countries, cultures, peoples, and customs. The advancement in education technology offers opportunities for lifelong friendships through a tap on the screen or a click of a button.

  1. Children have the time to live life.

Online live school classes provide the luxury of time. Children can do more of what they like. They can help around the house, read more books, or take a quick power nap. The availability of ample time to do recreational activities is motivation enough to shift to online live classes.

Virtual learning was not the most preferred option pre-pandemic. However, during the pandemic, life moved to the online mode. Educational institutions began teaching their students through virtual classrooms. Online learning has blossomed, and many have ditched traditional schooling altogether. There are many benefits to online education, making children enthusiastic about learning.

Birla Brainiacs’ online live classes are the best example of virtual learning. We offer live classes for every child, whether enrolled in traditional schooling or new to homeschooling. Enroll with us to give your child the greatest possible educational experience.